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Essential for any investor is having the latest and most relevant news to make well-informed stock purchasing decisions. Fortunately, there are plenty of financial sites that offer useful information to the active stock investor. Here is a list of some the best financial portals currently available today:

Yahoo Finance: Probably one of the most comprehensive financial sites on the web. There is a version of a financial site devoted specifically to countries with the largest economies of the world. They include the United States, China, India, Germany and Canada. At Yahoo Finance, one will find economic news, financial market statistics, company news, stock charts and investment articles.

TSX.com: This is the website of the Toronto Stock Exchange. This is where Canadian listed stocks trade. For investors looking to monitor trading activities of emerging or junior companies, they refer to the Toronto Venture Exchange, also featured on this site.

Mining Weekly: This site provides the latest news on the global mining industry. These are companies involved in the exploration and development of base metals, coal, uranium and gold. The investor can also access press releases by mining companies and interviews with mining executives.

Resource Investor: For the latest news on natural resources and the companies involved in the industry, this site provides it. This site covers sectors such as base metals, precious metals, rare metals and energy.

Bloomberg: Used extensively by professionals in the money industry, this site gives the investor a snapshot of what’s happening in the capital markets. This site covers the major stock markets, commodities, foreign currencies and interest rates. The investor will find interesting news articles and interviews with market specialists.

The Globe and Mail: One of Canada’s pre-eminent national newspapers runs a comprehensive financial website. In addition to the latest world events, this site provides the individual the tools to track their stock investments. These tools include stock filters, charts and investor news.  


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